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Educating Will Kimball

ByMichael Oborn

This is the story of a love gone wrong and a life gone lost. Without some reason to go on breathing Will Kimball’s mornings were terrifying. Running on empty; where to go, what to do, and how were every day’s identity crisis. Las Vegas with its many casino-hotels was his first stop. It looked like a city in which one could lose one’s self. That done, the where crisis was solved. Women answered the what dilemma. The female, with her marvelous and bewitching ways worked for a short time, but until one has a fairly firm relationship with self, it’s only sex. The how crisis was actually the easiest to solve. Having been a good Mormon boy in his first life, Will knew nothing of liquid intoxicants, until, that is, his new friend, Woody introduced him to Fats the bartender. You guess it. The how crisis was solved. Booze allowed Will to breathe again, until, empty returned, and he could no longer breathe without it. Resurrection Corner, a one tavern town in upstate New York, was Will’s last stop. At the bottom of his life in a visceral rut of drunken self-pity a splinter of hope pierced through the bitter cloud of resentments. Her name was Cate Lynn Sudani. And Cate Lynn Sudani was a wizard.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Michael Oborn



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