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The Midwest Feminist Papers: A Facsimile Edition 1980–1997. Part III 1991 –1997

ByMary Jo DeeganMichael R. Hill

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Mary Jo Deegan and Michael R. Hill, compilers. The Midwest Feminist Papers: A Facsimile Edition 1980–1997, with prefaces and author indices by Mary Jo Deegan and Michael R. Hill. 3 volumes: Part III (1991–1997) The Midwest Feminist Papers was a creative, group-generated initiative that gave voice to the scholarly questions, research interests, and social concerns of a growing cohort of Midwestern feminist sociology graduate students and their feminist faculty mentors during the last quarter of the Twentieth Century. They were active members of Midwest Sociologists for Women in Society, a regional expression of the larger national Sociologists for Women in Society. Never intended as a full-fledged professional journal, issues of The Midwest Feminist Papers were intermittently distributed in limited numbers, at cost, during annual meetings of the Midwest Sociological Society and quickly went out of print. As a result, very few copies of these “time capsule” documents of late 20th century feminist sociology survived. In 1984, the late Carla Howery, writing from her office in the American Sociological Association, assessed the role of The Midwest Feminist Papers: “[It] is one of the nicest traditions, young as it is, in the full range of activities of the national and regional chapters of Sociologists for Women in Society.” Here, Nebraska’s Mary Jo Deegan (a co-founder of the journal) and Michael R. Hill (her life-partner and a subsequent contributor) have painstakingly reconstructed the entire run of The Midwest Feminist Papers. This facsimile edition is here reproduced in three volumes: Part I (1980–1983), Part II (1984–1986), and Part III (1991–1997)


Publication Date
May 15, 2024
Social Science
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Compiled by: Mary Jo Deegan, Compiled by: Michael R. Hill


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