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The Holy Spirit Writes Truth on the Tablet of Your Heart

ByMichael Shim

The biggest miracle is my life was when I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I grew up in church but I was never filled with the Holy Spirit. I said the salvation prayer on numerous church retreats and during those times I had experiences where I wept and committed my life to God. But these experiences - prayers and commitments - never changed my life. My life was always the same. I still committed the same sins and I could not break free from my addictions: drinking, pornography, swearing and cursing. As far as I was concerned, the church failed me. When I finally encountered Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was really was born again in the Spirit of Christ. And as the Holy Spirit took up residence in my spirit, He began to sanctify me and make me holy. Not only that, He began to write His truth on the tablet of my heart and showed me through my own circumstances and experiences that His words are the only truth and therefore, His words are the only words I will ever need.


Publication Date
Jan 21, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Michael Shim



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