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JOHN WILLIAM WEILAND Luxembourg to America: An Immigrant Experience

JOHN WILLIAM WEILAND Luxembourg to America: An Immigrant Experience

ByMichele Weiland

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John William Weiland, born in 1833 in Bertrange, Luxembourg, made the difficult decision to leave his friends and family and journey alone to a new land of promise -- America. A flood of immigrants surged to the United States from Luxembourg and the rest of Europe during the 19th century. John and farmers like him felt they had no future in a country where the population was growing as the size of their farms was dwindling. Poor harvests only contributed to the urge to search for a brighter future. At the same time, there was a perception that America was a sort of paradise, where there were opportunities for social advancement, land ownership, and political freedom. John and others like him sought a place of refuge similar to their homeland, and he found it with the numerous other Luxembourgers who settled on the rich Midwestern farmland of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin.


Publication Date
Jul 11, 2011
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By (author): Michele Weiland


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