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Fill Your Cup

The Exhausted Educator’s Guide to Emotional Wellness

ByMike Veny

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Fill Your Cup: The Exhausted Educator's Guide To Emotional Wellness by Mike Veny is a reflective journal and informative guidebook, formatted to carry educators step-by-step as they learn how to support their own and their students' emotional well-being in the face of an evolving high-stress school environment. According to a survey, 75% of the teachers questioned reported experiencing job-related stress, compared to 40% of adults working in other fields. The techniques discussed in this course will help educators avoid burnout, manage stress, and re-evaluate their "why" and professional and emotional needs to succeed in their field. Fill Your Cup: The Exhausted Educator's Guide To Emotional Wellness by Mike Veny is a straightforward guide with easy-to-digest information that introduces new strategies for coping and addresses: * How to empower yourself and your student * Letting go of worry * Making the most of your time and how to "Cope Ahead" This course will motivate educators and help them rekindle their passion for teaching. Equipped with the right tools, they will be able to help students, not just educationally but mentally. Through a variety of self-reflection exercises with actionable solutions, readers are introduced to techniques such as the "Covey Time Management Matrix" and "Worry Time." The practical advice and tools in this book can be utilized by any teacher. Objectives for this self-study course will leave educators with the tools to: * Spend your time and energy efficiently, productively, and peacefully * Manage stress and prevent burnout * Support students' emotional wellness, including having conversations about mental health A fun Spotify playlist, mental health resources, and helpful self-care tools are at the fingertips of educators for easy reference. This book will give educators the tools to fill their cup and restore their hope in being an educator who makes a difference.


Publication Date
Dec 13, 2023
Education & Language
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By (author): Mike Veny


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US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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