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Cuck Central

16 Ways to TRULY MORPH INTO the cuckold you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to be!

ByMike Watson

Though cuckolding is a common and hot fantasy for a lot of men into femdom - - or humiliation (and/or, I should say!) - actually transitioning from "fantasy" to "reality" is something most people struggle with.And if you're part of that large group, I understand. It wasn't always easy for me to convince MY S.O's at the time to participate in this wonderful form of play - and some flat out denied at the time.It took me a long, long time to understand what really "works" in terms of BOTH partners being REALLY (emphasis!) open to the fantasy and play, and fully embracing their respective roles in it. Remember, cuckolding takes things one step further. Until now you've likely limited your play, no matter how base or humiliating to your Lady and yourself - - or perhaps other ladies on occasion, but if you're a guy, you've likely never brought other men into the picture although you've wanted to many a times! And if you're a dominant lady, you've probably often wondered just why exactly you can't bring other men in on command to satisfy you - - but have yet struggled with the "I'm in a relationship" conundrum, and then never gone ahead with the fantasy.But our base desires and fantasies never go away, my friend. We are who we are a deep subconscious level, and the subconscious will KEEP pushing your base desires to the surface until they're met. Have you ever noticed that the things you think about the most are the things that HAPPEN in your life?The thoughts that you put the most emotion into - - be they positive or negative - - are what makes events manifest in your life - - and this is a truism that cannot be escaped, whether we're talking vanilla life or BDSM. The subconscious is key to who we are, and it is key to get the subconscious to accept what we do on a sexual level as well as in real life to avoid any sort of emotional backlash from our actual physical actions - - and my experience in this regard combined with my extensive experience with femdom and related areas in general makes me the best person to bring you these tips in an easy to understand, down to earth, yet brutally frank manner that characterizes all my writings. THIS is where most cuckold relationships fail (sometimes even before starting) because people fail to recognize the fantasy for what it IS. And that is why I wrote Cuck Central. Dive in - and be prepared to MORPH into the cuck you've always wanted to be!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mike Watson



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