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16 ways to give him the nipple GASM of his LIFE – and have him SALIVATING – for MORE! (with REAL experiences – and a BONUS!)

ByMike Watson

For the male … who should ideally be groveling at HER feet! How to feel utterly helpless – at HER COMMAND – and under her complete CONTROL – all with out even her TOUCHING YOU (the first tip in the book does this! How to have orgasms that you previously thought only women could have x 100000 – and no, while sissygasms are great, this goes BEYOND that in terms of sheer orgasmic PLEASURE How to ensure that you are NEVER at a loss in terms of LUST and “feeling horny! How to (by getting good at what is mentioned herein) give YOURSELF orgasms that are out of this world, WITHOUT TOUCHING YOUR DICK Without touching your ASS, or P SPOT. . . ! Why EVERY MAN should learn the joys of nipple play, and indeed, get them SUCKED and licked! Why EVERY MAN needs to know that nipples are one of those areas that are the MOST sensitive, and yet the toughest – and how BOTH of these attributes are KEY to understand if you want MAX x 10000 pleasure, and then some!! Why the TIP of the nipples, much like the tip of a COCK is what should be focused upon sometimes – -but why in terms of PAIN, the BUDS are what matter (or the BASE). How you can quickly condition YOURSELF to get aroused by just your nipples being played with, and nothing else! Sink to levels of submissiveness hitherto NEVER SEEN BEFORE Feel MORE and MORE like a sissy like never before, believe me, nipples will DO IT! (nipple play!) How to COMBINE nipples with anal and ORAL play and note, it ain’t just “suck here, lick there” I’m talking about. There is a TECHNIQUE to all this! Tip number three will tell you something you have NO idea about, and have likely never experienced, and the sheer JOY from something like this – oh – MY! And it involves TEMPERATURE, no, the external temperature right now (or yours reading this, hehe) has got NOTHING – I repeat, nothing to do with this! I repeat, tip #3. Truly ONE FOR THE AGES! And much much more! For the FEMALE of the “species”, always and naturally SUPERIOR! 😉 … Why SOME things in bed are the same for men – and WOMEN. Youll quickly learn that with a few minor mods, you as a female can experience the SAME JOY AND BLISS from this that men can! How to incorporate nipples into both VANILLA – and NON VANILLA play – and this ALONE is worth the price of admission for you ladies that don’t want or haven’t been in non-vanilla relationships! And more. Grab - NOW!


Publication Date
Jan 26, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mike Watson



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