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Marketing: A 12-Step Plan to Increase Inquiries to Your School

Marketing: A 12-Step Plan to Increase Inquiries to Your School

ByMike Ziemski, M.Ed.

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Most schools believe that their marketing strategies and techniques should be measured by how well enrollment increases at the school. Unfortunately, that's precisely why many faith-based and private schools still see declining enrollment. Effective marketing increases inquiries to a school; effective enrollment practices increase enrollment. Businesses have sales and marketing departments. Marketing gets a potential customer interested in a product or service, and the sales process begins after the potential customer calls the business, or walks into the store to find out more about it. Further, many school leaders have confessed that they believe they're not creative enough to come up with ways to effectively market their schools. In reality, creativity is utilized in the classroom every day, and teachers already know the mechanics that go into creating a great marketing plan. This text demonstrates that teachers are more than teachers, and are instrumental to a school's successful marketing efforts.


Publication Date
Jan 23, 2012
Education & Language
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By (author): Mike Ziemski, M.Ed.


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