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Embracing Water

ByMim Tea

Embracing Water is one book of six epic stories which echo with a murder of love. The False Door tells of Ina and Nyam escaping the Inca royal vengeance against their illegal union. Their blood soaks the soil of the Muisca sacred lake, El Dorado. The Man and La Mancha tells of Miguel captured and enslaved by a rich Arab merchant, and of his fame for storytelling. The Horseless Rider tells of the Marquis of Surba's love of the Chibcha nun, Zara. Their next years are spent eluding pursuers and curses. The Jam Maker tells of Herman Melville seeking a woman of enormous historical import in South America. He finds Manuela Saenz a long way from revolution and glory. The Fog Splitters tells of Blanca Poveda's secret political work when she meets Jose Paris who is caught in a web of antiquity theft. Drinking Pitch tells of Juan Castillo's deadly political affiliations. Anie Crowe accidentally meets the injured Juan and together they cross several borders to relive the curse of Ina and Nyam.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mim Tea



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