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The Anger Of The Ocean: Shocking True Accounts of Premature Sexual Urges In Children and Young Teens!

ByMisplaced Master

Nothing prepares us for puberty or being teens. Sometime between the ages of ten and twelve most of us begin to exhibit the characteristics of puberty. They come at us like a storm at sea; sudden and unwelcome. No one is really equipped to deal with those changes and everyone does so in their own way. Now many years out of my own puberty, I still have trouble believing all that me and my friends experienced during that time and how we dealt with it all. The lessons learned and observations made are timeless and can easily be applied to every teenager today. I felt that it was important to share these tidbits from the lives of Luke and Lynn with teens, parents, teachers and all interested parties. These stories run deeper than just how some kids dealt with the sudden affect of raging teenage hormones; they explore the way that both sexes deal with puberty and beyond based on their backgrounds and personal living situations. Be advised that this is a very sexually explicit book.


Publication Date
Oct 14, 2013
Social Science
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By (author): Misplaced Master



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