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One More Thing... About Columbo

A collection of cartoon facts about the shambly detective

ByMissy Tassles

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This book is a compilation of a series of loving cartoons detailing personal facts about Lieutenant Columbo, everyone’s favourite shambly television detective, played by Peter Falk. The Columbo television series ran for ten seasons: seasons 1-7 between 1968-1978, and seasons 8-10 between 1989-2003. The cartoons in this book make note of all the little details we find out about Columbo himself (including his car, his dog, his likes and dislikes and even some of his family background) using direct quotes and facts from each episode, in the order they were broadcast. Using charming, amusing and poignant quotes from the detective himself, cartoonist Missy Tassles highlights each of these tiny moments from the series to build up a picture of a funny, thoughtful, wise and loving man. A true hero. ‘This book will live on my bedside table forever. I will grab it each morning when I wake up for a tiny sprinkle of Columbo magic. Missy has distilled our favourite detective's unique essence into 170 brilliant cartoons. These reminders of the Lieutenant's wit, intelligence, and many funny ways will be a fabulous way to start my day’ ~ Jenny Hammerton, author of Cooking with Columbo ‘Columbo has been a source of comfort, entertainment and amusement for me since forever. Missy's astute, acute observations of Columboisms are the cutest (and often surprising)’ ~ Melanie Gourlay, filmmaker, Gory Hole Films ‘The lockdown comic book version of The Tao of Columbo’ ~ Paul Dorrington, cartoonist, In the Doghouse


Publication Date
Mar 28, 2022
Comics & Graphic Novels
Creative Commons NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
By (artist): Missy Tassles


Interior Color
Black & White
Small Square (7.5 x 7.5 in / 190 x 190 mm)

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