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Real Female Domination, Volume 19: No Leniency

ByMistress Scarlet

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This journal includes in its title the words, ‘no leniency’, as will all future journals. I mentioned in my last journal that, for whatever reason or reasons, I profoundly evolved through the two-year period of the Covid lockdown. That evolution eradicated from the deepest corners of my mind any remaining shreds of leniency and uncertainty I ever had for my slave husband, while pursuing the most fulsome, decadent, wicked pleasure. He and I still share hours of vanilla time together each week because, when I desire it, I adore his vanilla company. However one very significant change is that there really are no such things as wholly vanilla days now. In the 22 January 2022 entry, later in this journal, I set out in detail some of the attributes of my regimen that are 24/7/365 and so affect my puppet throughout what used to be wholly ‘vanilla’ days. There are chains always padlocked around each of his ankles and a metal collar padlocked around his neck, his tiny chastity tube double padlocked on, obviously. He can bathe and shower in all these items. The cane and whips are on a hook in the sitting room often brought briefly into action for a number of reasons, or just because I can. I have him bend over and hold his ankles to receive between ten and twenty hard strokes of the cane or dressage whip. That is quite often followed by me on my own, bringing myself off, or having him help me do so in his role of Mistress’s-Little-Masturbation-Helper, driving home the huge difference between my lavish, satisfying and abundant sex-life, and his frustrating, frugal and barren one. There is one activity used on both vanilla days and full-on DS days, (Domination/Submission days) that is particularly cruel. Using a cotton bud to apply a nasty balm through some of the holes in his chastity tube. Penis discomfort without even the compensation of becoming erect. Minor discomfort if it is only two of the holes, rather more discomfort if it is all ten. Secondly, coming to full-on DS days, one profound change is, he more often than not, endures full-on DS days without for a moment being allowed out of his tiny chastity tube. Not a ‘sex-game’ for him. Not even the compensation of a brief erection. What he endures during full-on DS days is also a great deal more than ever before. Be it the levels of humiliation and or tedium, or sexual frustration, or physical pain levels. The following journal entries bear testimony to that! Deterrent punishments at the beginning of full-


Publication Date
Apr 22, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mistress Scarlet


Interior Color
Black & White
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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