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SBT™ 'BE THE POWER' Symbolic Visualisation Self Growth Program

ByMitch Anthony

Realise personal power with SBT™ 'BE THE POWER' Symbolic Visualisation Self Growth Program. Consistent winners Visualise - imagine themselves winning and achieving, which produces their progressive performance. Daily visualisation is an essential part of progressive success. Like anything built to last, better behaviour is built upon solid foundation blocks. With SBT™ these blocks are: • Visualisation Symbols • Self Talk Program Script • Key Empowerment Words When used daily, SBT™ repetition, simply builds better behaviour. • Unique Symbolic Visualisation Technique™ Simple and effective use of symbols to focus the mind, create a progress pathway and reinforce positive outcomes. • Includes SBT™ Smart Growth Key which updates personal best version daily in 5 minutes. • Shows complete personal progress cycle in 4 Stages and 5 Steps. • Uses Kaizen philosophy (which simply means ''change for better"), Cognitive Psychology and Unique Symbolic Visualisation Technique™ to continuously improve all activities. • By thinking of a goal and visualising behaviour at each step to achieve it, the whole achievement behaviour process needed to reach a goal can be seen as 'the bigger picture'. Visualising behaviour in this way, creates self-awareness of an ability to control and modify behaviour and the ability to create and take better and higher behaviour paths (virtuous progressive pathways) to greater achievement. Every progress achievement, creates further realisation of the ability to focus thoughts and behaviour, to achieve more (virtuous progressive cycle). • Powers personal, progressive, positive choice: Negative behaviour is changed to positive behaviour. Positive behaviour is reinforced, modified and progressed. • Simplicity - learn how to use SBT™ Smart Growth Key once, then use 5 minutes daily for exponential personal growth. • Imagine personal exponential growth potential, today, tomorrow, in ten months and in ten years using SBT™ - just put the mind to it! "Using Smart Behaviour Training daily has made me more aware of the way I think, and react, and has helped me to stay focused on my behaviour. Repeating the Key Words of Empowerment at each step of the programme has meant that I am able to move forward to achieving my goals." Jennifer Massara Full details at (NOTE: Historical Ratings & Reviews do not appear on due to frequent PDF Updates.)


Publication Date
Nov 16, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Mitch Anthony



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