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The Political Theory of Sayyid Qutb

A Genealogy of Discourse

ByMohamed Soffar

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Mohamed Soffar 🔍 $54.95 The Political Theory of Sayyid Qutb: A Genealogy of Discourse, by Mohamed Soffar 5 in stock (can be backordered) The Political Theory of Sayyid Qutb: A Genealogy of Discourse, by Mohamed Soffar quantity 1 ADD TO CART SKU: 978-1-7350576-8-2 Category: Islamic Philosophy Tags: Dasein, Egypt, Islam, Islamic Thought, Islamism, Martin Heidegger, Michel Foucault, Political Theory, Sayyid Qutb Description Additional information Description The Political Theory of Sayyid Qutb: A Genealogy of Discourse: Sayyid Qutb is one of the 20th century’s most controversial intellectuals and political figures in the Arab world. He is portrayed in totally different colors by his adversaries and followers alike. In his intellectual odyssey, he started off as a literary critic under Western cultural influences and ended up as a political thinker with Islamic credentials. He produced numerous books and articles that charted his discursive shifts. This work attempts to uncover Qutb’s art of political theorization embedded in his oeuvre. It applies Heidegger’s Dasein analysis coupled with Foucault’s discourse and power analyses, in order to provide a careful reading of Qutb’s most famous Qur’anic commentary: In the Shades of the Qur’an. Although the current study times to reconstruct the context, structure, and dynamics of Qutb’s theatrical discourse during his Islamic turn, it cannot claim in the end to have exhausted all aspects of Sayyid Qutb’s rich thought.


Publication Date
Nov 11, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): Mohamed Soffar


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