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Illuminati butterfly of political chaos, Creator and Annihilator of Nazi Germany and Soviet Union

The alien that contemplate biological mass extinction and ruined immortality. Author, not CIA solved and ended cause of 2012 economic recession

ByMohammad Sharifi

The author of this book is under mind control reading and brain torture by aliens in pentagon. As a physicist that proofed quarks are superluminal but is not permitted to publish because of aliens control over pentagon, this book explains story of world wars and how probably my conflict with aliens over physics resulted in creation of covid-19. By synchronology of events this book proofs Zbigniew Brzezinski Quote: “History is much more the product of chaos than of conspiracy.” is invalid. In year 2011 I wrote the solution to cause of 2008-2012 economic recession in yahoo answer. At the end of 2011, accidentally I used tor browser to upload my physics paper solution about Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox to journals. Unified Field Theory is about soul and immortality. After using tor browser, CIA begin to hack my computer. Due to stress, long story of my conflict with CIA begins. Ok; after some month and conflicts, later by pretending that I am contacting republican nominee, I ruined first presidential debate of Obama to take revenge. However, Obama won the 2012 election by hurricane sandy. I detected that CIA created hurricane sandy that was about mass extinction to save Obama. Later CIA fired General Davide Petraeus as director of CIA because I sent cause of economic recession to other countries. My hidden crazy conflicts and game with CIA continued until I found that there is a group that created First and Second World Wars because of subluminal quantum mechanics. They knew me from at least year 2000 and their computer hack was not by chance. I detected that I am under mind control reading by darpa implants. I found Illuminati hunt scientists to develop technology, however this time themselves hunted by me. My conflict with illuminati resulted in creation of corona virus in December 2019 (12-12) maybe because they found something about physics. The reason that trump created chaos in United States in 2020 was that like other politicians he read unpublished summary chapter of this book that says United States president and all countries presidents and prime ministers for next 30 years definitely are predetermined by mind control....Ridiculous points is that aliens control CIA and probably have gun above pentagon head that is related to subject of Unified Field Theory and soul and do not share all technology with United States. They have biological resetting cell clock and ruined immortality by physics. Does they shared biological immortality with pentagon?


Publication Date
May 20, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mohammad Sharifi



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