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Sowing The Seeds - A Cowboy & Cowgirl Romance

Thistle and Seeds

ByMolly Maco

When Zoe Winter, an ambitious, young, and self-aware millennial, is exhausted from being just a cog in the flawed system, she makes a decision. It’s difficult, although did she hope it would be, but fate unwinds in mysterious ways, putting Zoe through struggles she emerges victorious from. Dive deep into the series of how a young girl, defeated and disappointed in the system, forges her path and refuses to be a mindless wheel driving the broken system. The story is peppered with humorous anecdotes, wholesome characters, and sometimes sad memory flashbacks. Zoe soon enters an unpredictable friendship and although it’s seemingly perfect, Aaron does not come without his emotional baggage. By the lake, they become friends and each other’s haven and seek solace in each other’s company. A tale of a beautiful friendship and trust, it is a light read sustaining Zoe and Aaron and making them into the best people they could be. Through the book, their love language becomes acts of service and as adults, they rejoice into the uplifting relationship. Oblivious to them, the bond they forge becomes stronger and soon they’re inseparable. But Aaron still has not shared where he disappears off to randomly, nor anything about his family as he fears it would tear them apart- if another tragedy does not do it first.


Publication Date
Sep 1, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Molly Maco



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