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5 Steps Straight to Success - How a Regular Airline Employee took them to become a Real Estate Mogul and how You can take them too!

ByMosis Cowherd

Everyone faces triggers in life that change the way we see things, and leads to a new way we evaluate risks and rewards. I experienced two such triggers myself that made me take control of my life, and move directly towards success in all things I took up. Sometimes there is failure, which becomes a great learning for the next success, and hence a part of the overall success itself. Through this book, I want to share my learning with you on how to achieve success, and for that I have a simple model -- with 5 steps -- that I have tried and tested with myself and others. In each of the chapters of this EBook, I describe how I used these 5 steps to achieve success, and how you can do it too. I will show you that success is a choice and that anyone can do it. And in the final chapter you can prepare a plan for yourself using the questions and answers from all the previous chapters.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2007
Personal Growth
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By (author): Mosis Cowherd



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