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The Secret Wisdom Of Archangel Metatron

The King of Lightning

ByKumander SatorMSK SVDD

In the secret wisdom of our ancestors who are said to be communicating with the angels of heaven and infernal, it appears that metatron is similar to the archangel michael. He leads the army of angels in heaven from north to south and michael leads the angel warriors from the south to the west. Our ancestors described metatron as an angel holding lightning. If a person wants to communicate with this angel, he needs strong faith in deus and in the angels. Because the key to getting help and help from this angel is faith. This angel will help with lightning speed if you want his help in exchange for your devotion to deus through his name. It is good to have king metatron's talisman such as a medal, handkerchief or chaleco while studying the secret wisdoms that belong to him. To those who want to have this wisdom, maintain good relationship with God, with the angels and with King Metatron. Avoid evil deeds, avoid drug addictions and earthly pleasures. Avoid fornication, lying and must live in the path of holiness. Do not use the words from this testament in vain. Use only if necessary and in a severe emergency situations. Do not do evil to neighbors, always remember that no one will sow good that will reap bad nor sow bad that will reap good.


Publication Date
Dec 7, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Kumander Sator, By (author): MSK SVDD



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