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Heroes Of The Struggle [Forgotten Bastards]

[Forgotten Bastards]

ByMzi MaholaJennifer Els

If the cruel reality which was instituted by law and was so defended through brute force by the past Apartheid South African system is as this writing by Mzi states, why must that be forgotten, by those who fought with spirit, limb and mind against it with the objective to defeat and destroy it; or why must its perpetrators, who now become the citizens of the new dispensation, be encouraged or allowed to forget that past? If ever such a brute reality is lived through for three centuries, and so maims, damages and destroys the minds and hearts of citizens and kills its victims with impunity, do its perpetrators find a way to forgive themselves, as faith demands that those who invest the last thing they have, their lives, must also forgive themselves? Mzi is asking these questions without asking them, but asks them between the lines, when he skilfully keeps as close as possible to the truths of that past. He asks us and demands from us, to fathom those truths, lest they re-emerge in the future, because they were not considered and, therefore they can. Professor. Mongane Wally Serote ~ South Africa National Laureate


Publication Date
May 12, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Mzi Mahola, Associate editor: Jennifer Els, Foreword by: Vuyisile Msila, Managing editor: Ayanda Mahola, Editor-in-chief: Apiwe Mahola, Cover design or artwork by: Apiwe Mahola



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