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Anthologies From the Forefront: Volume One

ByN. Scott McClelland

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N Scott McClelland was raised in the relative obscurity and rural forests of Southeast Texas. He married very young, his wife Kathy, more than 30 years ago. They have three adult daughters. After meeting the Lord in a dramatic way at the age of sixteen years, Scott began to be impacted by strong impressions from the scripture and prophetic experiences. It was during these early years that Scott began to read extensively and study leadership in earnest . For the first fifteen years of faith, Scott was trained and mentored by Cleve Sharp, also of Southeast Texas, before leaving the area of his home under the Lord’s leadership. With experience in youth & associate pastoring, eldership, and prophetic ministry, Scott’s focus was turned to missions in his early 30s, when he began traveling abroad. It was during this time that Scott served in a missions program of a ministry school in the Charlotte, NC area, where he served for four years. Throughout this time, Scott has maintained a contribution as a small business owner & entrepreneur. Scott and Kathy live in Arlington, Texas and travel extensively for business, mission and family. To know more about Scott, find more information at, a international missions group that he founded and directs, or on one of his podcasts ( and Scott can be reached at [email protected]


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Jan 4, 2022
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): N. Scott McClelland


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