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Diaper Dominated by Miss Debbie: Jessica’s Endless Weekend of Diaper Punishment, Humiliation, and Regression

ByNanny Chloe

Explicit Content
When Jessica is sent to spend the weekend with long-time family friend Debbie as punishment, she dreads what's in store. Debbie has always been strict, and Jessica knows her future depends on a good report about her behavior come Sunday. But what really has Jessica nervous about staying at Debbie’s… is Ella. Although Ella is similar in age to Jessica, she couldn’t be more different. Why? Because Ella lives as Debbie’s adult baby. It’s a fact that sends shivers down Jessica's spine, as she’s forced to imagine being subjected to the same treatment upon her arrival. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Jessica’s worst fears to be confirmed. Soon after she arrives, Jessica’s nightmare at Debbie’s unfolds faster than she could ever imagine. First, Jessica is diapered—swaddled in thicker, more embarrassing adult-sized pampers than she ever knew existed. Then come the punishments—painful, degrading, and designed to reduce her to a helpless mess. And finally, a prison of new, childish rules—bath times, inspections, baby clothes, and pureed meals. But to Jessica’s horror, the worst part still turns out to be Ella. Despite her childish behavior, Ella relishes in Jessica's misery, soon gleefully participating in her humiliation and joining in on imposing Jessica’s degrading baby-treatment. As the weekend wears on, Jessica clings to the hope it will all end come Sunday. But when Debbie threatens permanent infantile consequences if Jessica can't prove herself an exceptionally obedient baby, Jessica realizes her entire remaining adulthood is now at stake. Will Jessica find a way to survive till Sunday with some shred of her adulthood still intact? Or is this weekend really just the start of her new life as Debbie and Ella’s permanently humiliated, infantilized, diaper-dominated plaything? This full-length erotic ABDL novel will have you on the ‘edge’ of your seat from start to finish. It’s packed full of diaper regression, corporal punishment, intense humiliation, and of course, some very well-used diapers! For mature readers only!


Publication Date
Mar 16, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nanny Chloe



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