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Mrs. Hazel Comes to Visit: Bryan’s Descent into Diapers, Regression, and Maternal Domination (An ABDL Novella)

ByNanny Chloe

Explicit Content
When Bryan flunks out of college, he returns home to quite the shocker. His bedroom has been transformed into a diaper-filled nursery, complete with a changing table, colorful playmats, and a large crib! His mom explains she converted the room for their occasionally visiting, diaper-wearing little cousins, never expecting Bryan to move back home so soon. She explains that Bryan is welcome to stay, but there's a catch: he can’t change anything in the room. "I worked hard making that nursery perfect, Bry-bry," his mom teases. "You’ll have to get used to sleeping in a crib. Besides, a little gentle humiliation might motivate you to get back on your feet for next semester." Reluctantly, Bryan endures the daily embarrassment of waking up in a baby’s nursery every morning, surrounded by the bars of a crib and shelves of unopened baby supplies. But unfortunately, he soon discovers that his humiliating baby-treatment is still only just getting started. When his mom’s effusive sister, Hazel, arrives for a visit one evening, she vows to play a bigger role helping to care for Bryan, now that he had moved back home. Later that same evening, Hazel’s nosiness causes her to accidentally catch Bryan red-handed in one of the most humiliating accidents of his life. To Bryan’s horror and humiliation, he is consequently forced to start wearing pull-ups to bed for the first time since he was potty-trained. When Hazel visits again the next weekend, somehow, Bryan manages to have an even more disastrous accident, leading to his pull-ups being replaced with heavy-duty, adult-sized, ultra-humiliating, medical-style tabbed diapers. Bryan’s life only spirals further out of control from there, as both women of the house begin confidently disciplining, regressing, and punishing him like the pathetic adult baby they now claim he’s become. Sometimes, it seems like they’re working together. Other times, it feels like they’re competing to see who can humiliate him worse. But ultimately, Bryan finds himself helplessly sinking deeper and deeper into their shared web of maternal domination, with no hope of escape. As his world shrinks to the size of his crib, he truly begins to wonder… Will he ever find a way to regain his adulthood? Or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life trapped in the nursery that was never even supposed to be for him? This full-length erotic ABDL novella will have you on the ‘edge’ of your seat from start to finish. It’s packed full of diaper regress


Publication Date
May 29, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nanny Chloe



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