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The Incontinence Procedure: Ginny’s Medical Diaper Domination (Full-Length ABDL Novel)

The Incontinence Procedure: Ginny’s Medical Diaper Domination (Full-Length ABDL Novel)

ByNanny Chloe

Explicit Content
When 18-year-old Ginny starts experiencing unexpected accidents, she eagerly accepts the offer of a free incontinence surgery from her local clinic. Little does she know, her surgeon, Dr. Mallory, harbors a sinister secret agenda. Instead of curing Ginny’s incontinence, the procedure Dr. Mallory performs is actually designed to do the exact opposite. Soon, Ginny’s accidents begin spiraling out of control, becoming far more frequent and embarrassing than ever. Before long, she’s forced to resort to the unthinkable—wearing diapers again as an adult. Desperate and confused, Ginny returns to Dr. Mallory’s clinic, only to be subjected by the nurses to a merciless regimen of diapered humiliation, psychological manipulation, and physical restraints, all seemingly designed to regress her at every turn. Forced to endure endless invasive examinations, stirrups, straps, straitjackets, interrogations, pharmaceutical interventions, and countless other degrading medical humiliations, Ginny soon finds herself battling not just for her adulthood, but for her sanity. And the worst part? While Ginny realizes she’s being slowly transformed into a full-time, utterly helpless adult baby, she’s forced to genuinely wonder… Is this all some devious plot by Dr. Mallory to take over Ginny’s life? Or is Ginny actually just being treated exactly how a diaper-wetting, naughty stinker like herself deserves? This full-length erotic ABDL novel will have you on the ‘edge’ of your seat from start to finish. It’s packed full of diaper regression, corporal punishment, intense humiliation, and of course, some very well-used diapers! For mature readers only!


Publication Date
Jun 30, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nanny Chloe



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