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Waking Up in the Diaper Asylum: Valerie’s Extreme Diaper Punishment (Full-Length ABDL Novel)

ByNanny Chloe

Explicit Content
“Sorry, young lady. I know you say you’re potty-trained, but hospital protocol is hospital protocol, which means your diaper and restraints have to stay on until your official intake assessment with the doctor. If you’re still dry then, I’m sure he’ll be amenable to letting you have your big girl undies back. That is, as long as you continue to be perfectly well-behaved.” *** When Valerie opened her bleary eyes after a night of heavy drinking, she did not expect to find herself in a mental hospital… She did not expect to find all her limbs restrained to the bed… And she definitely did not expect to find herself wearing a big, puffy, adult diaper! Of course, that was merely the start of Valerie’s endlessly humiliating, infantile treatment, now that she’d found herself legally committed to St. Joseph’s psychiatric ward. But despite her nightmarish circumstances, Valerie soon experiences a glimmer of hope when she’s greeted by a kindly hospital care worker who goes by the name Mrs. Godmother. Valerie is greatly comforted by the maternal woman, even despite the woman coaxing an immensely embarrassed Valerie into using her diaper… However, things take a turn for the worse when Mrs. Godmother seemingly disappears, and Valerie is discovered in her diaper by the hospital’s doctor on duty. Suddenly, Valerie’s story about being told to use her diaper by a mysterious, kindly old woman is met with unexpected skepticism, and Valerie soon realizes she’s being treated like she’s totally crazy. And even worse, totally incontinent! Before she knows it, Valerie is being diagnosed with big, scary words she doesn’t understand, and transferred to something called the ‘maximum-security psychiatric ward’ to treat her so-called ‘severe infantile regression disorder’. As Valerie finds herself descending further and further into the clutches of the diaper asylum’s dominating doctors and nurses—forced to use diapers 24/7, sleep strapped to a crib, and eat nothing but baby food—she becomes more and more desperate to find Mrs. Godmother and prove her sanity. And that shouldn’t be too hard, because Valerie knows she’s not actually a totally crazy, helplessly regressing, diaper-dependent adult-baby… Right? Right?? *** This full-length erotic ABDL novel will have you on the ‘edge’ of your seat from start to finish. It’s packed full of diaper regression, corporal punishment, intense humiliation, and of course some very used diapers! For mature readers only!


Publication Date
Jan 14, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nanny Chloe




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