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Shoes Ona Wire

ByNa'Shan Clay

Explicit Content
Hi. My name is Na'Shan Clay. I'm a kid from a city called Indianapolis, Indiana. Many thought I was going to die or go to jail at a young age. I was only known as a gang banger or a thug, but the world didn't know the true me. I faced narcissistic abuse at a very young age. So, I was a broken kid who was neglected. I was born into a gang and I gave my loyalty to this gang, but this same gang threatened to kill me. I lost over 30 friends to gun violence. Two of my friends were killed by the gang I was born into. My family is apart of this gang. I never had a dad in my life. I went house to house to couch to couch, but I overcame because of Jesus Christ. I made it on the news and it wasn't for a crime. It was to change my neighborhood that's known as the "ghetto". The world believes we are nothing but gang bangers, but that's not true. Just take a read and give me a chance please?


Publication Date
Oct 12, 2020
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By (author): Na'Shan Clay



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