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The Great Regency Cover-Up

"It's got everything it needs to be a blockbuster: romance, history, the paranormal" Writer's Digest

ByNeil the Smith

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When Florence decided to research the family tree she opened a can of worms. A ghost for a start. Wronged Royal women crying out to be heard. Like Maria Fitzherbert who the Prince of Wales secretly married (cover). They lived 250 years ago. Royal children who were 'disappeared' possibly on the First Fleets of convicts to the new colonies of Australia. As unwanted or orphaned children. Did one become a prominent early explorer and navigator of the south seas. This aspect of a paranormal true story alone has all the drama and adventure of an historic fiction novel full of twists and turns. You'll enjoy the "fun and entertaining" ride.. ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Back in Ye Olde Englande the first smiths were making the tools for survival. Today author NEIL THE SMITH, an ex advertising copywriter, a wordsmith, has worked for some of the hottest ad agencies in Melbourne. He was part of the advertising revolution of the '60s, now an author living in a small fishing village across the bay from Melbourne.. CHAPTERS 1 THE DAY I STEPPED OFF THE PLANET, 2 DR DESAILLY'S SECRET, 3 FLORENCE'S GHOST, 4 THE THREE BEARS' COTTAGE, 5 FLORENCE’S FAMILY SECRET, 6 MY BACK IS TO THE WALL, 7 THE MYSTERY OF THE ‘MARY ANN’, 8 ITALY IN THE AUSSIE BUSH, 9 THE ACTRESS AND THE PRINCE, 10 TIM'S SECRET, 11 THE COURTESAN AND THE CATHOLIC WIDOW, 12 A POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES, 13 THE SECRET MARRIAGE, 14 AN UNEXPECTED TURN OF EVENTS, 15 WHAT AM I DOING IN NEW YORK?, 16 THE LIEUTENANT WITHOUT A PAST, 17 OUT ON A LIMB, 18 THE 'LADY NELSON', 19 HOW DID I GET TO ENGLAND?, 20 CHIEF TI-PAHI AND THE MAORI EPISODE, 21 A PLACE IN THE SUN, 22 BLIGH ROCKS THE BOAT, 23 MY UNEXPECTED ITALIAN AFFAIR, 24 INSURRECTION, 25 UNDER A SPELL, 26 MUTINY, 27 THE MISSING DISPATCHES, 28 THE SAILOR KING, 29 THE TASMANIAN MYSTERY,


Publication Date
Feb 25, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Original author: Neil the Smith


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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