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Romancing Your Life. Changing The World.

We can do it ourselves. Ethically. Quietly. Real life stories answer my 50 year search for Truth.

ByNeil the Smith

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"With our thoughts we make the world" - Buddha. An exciting new small book with a secret message. In what seems a lifetime ago a chance meeting with a Librarian, a Wise Woman, who became a close friend opened a door that I found I couldn't resist. Was there more to life than meets the eye? So began my own lifelong search for Truth. I tell the story of my meeting with the Librarian in the first chapter of this book. The following 17 chapters tell of unusual personal experiences that followed to reveal my quest to find it. As if I had opened the door to the answers I was seeking. Although I didn't know it. A second evolution. Parallel lives. The secret of Destiny. What our soul can tell us. The unknown cause of climate change. The ethical nature-affirming culture that's already changing the planet for good. How we can change the world ourselves. All in easy-to-read bite size chapters you can digest quickly. Only Truth can change the world for the better. ABOUT ME THE AUTHOR Over 1,000 years ago, in Ye Olde England, the first smiths were making the tools for survival. Today I'm an ex advertising copywriter, a wordsmith. whose words could change the world. I learned my craft in the Advertising Revolution of the '60s. I've worked for some of the hottest ad agencies in Melbourne. Today I'm an author living across the bay from the big city. CHAPTERS 1 The Young Man & The Librarian, 2 The Romance Of Life, 3 Meet the Five Of You, 4 What You Think Is What You Get, 5 The Secret Of Fire, 6 Does Destiny Play A Part In Our Fortunes, 7 The Young Man & The Receptionist, 8 Reverence For Life, 9 Your Rare Talent, 10 The Fourth Way, 11 The Truth About Soul Mates, 12 Your Soul’s Code, 13 A Second Evolution, 14 Parallel Lives, 15 How Permaculture Is Already Changing The World, 16 Are We Responsible For Our Own Health, 17 Could This Bold Economic Concept Change Our Society, 18 A Pocketful Of Miracles,


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2022
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Neil the Smith


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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