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The Ethical Truth

ByNeil the Smith

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What is Truth? How can Truth change the world? Do we even think in terms of Truth? Like do you know your Truth? Well, it’s taken 50 years for me to find mine. Maybe it's the whole planet's Truth. Life changing and world changing. So what is Truth? In my mind it’s whatever is real, unchanging, eternal, permanent, universal, always present. It’s taken me 50 years to find it. Which is full of surprises. I've condensed those 50 years of my search for Truth here in this one book. So can Truth change the world? Ethically? I believe so. In my travels I've met, lived with and mixed with psychics, channels and healers from around the world. I've studied all spiritual philosophies from mainstream religions to the Aboriginal Dreaming. I've had many adventures, physical, mental, metaphysical, spiritual and travelling, then surviving the struggle that followed the bankruptcy of my one-man business. Now I wish to share with you some important life-affirming even world changing philosophical and metaphysical ideas I've developed over a lifetime of experience and thought. Who are we? Why are we here? What does our soul have to tell us? How are we to survive? How are we to live? How can we even think to change the world? Quietly. Maybe I know. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I worked as a Copywriter and Creative Director during the exciting Advertising Revolution of the '60s and studied the philosophies of the Greats like Ogilvy and Bernbach. At one time I worked for the second largest ad agency in the world, McCann's. In '72 I won an award for the best campaign of television commercials nationally for the year. For over 10 years I ran my own freelance ad copywriting business working for ad agencies as well as my own clients. Mostly I've lived in and around Melbourne except for 1 year on the Gold Coast, 6 months in New Jersey and 4 months in northern Italy. On the cover is where I live today, in this peaceful fishing village by the bay close to my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters.


Publication Date
Oct 7, 2020
Personal Growth
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By (author): Neil the Smith


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Black & White
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