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The Rebirth

ByNeptune Peniel

Phoenix is a book that has been written for the times. As the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic brought our planet to a standstill, the fires of change began burning more vividly than before. The call of the Phoenix sang out in my soul, urging me to write this book as quickly as possible. And now, she is ready to speak. Phoenix is presented as a dialogue between the Ascended Masters: Jesus Christ; Mother Mary; Saint Germain; and the human: me! We explore the spiritual origins of COVID-19. This opens up to an interactive journey exploring the nature of change and what we can do to change - first the inner, then the outer. Phoenix presents a series of spiritual exercises that can help in healing personal psychology and will assist you awakening to the next stage of your Divine Plan. We explore themes such as the holy trinity of the divine family, the immaculate concept, and fallen angels. There are mind-expanding explanations of how the universe is structured. We also examine the role of the fallen beings and the steps we can take to rise above their influence. I may be biased, but truly, Phoenix is an amazing journey. The spiritual guidance and accompanying exercises will help you to rise in consciousness. It will awaken gifts and memories that had been veiled by the clouded mind. I say this from experience, for the teachings and exercises within this book had an unexpectedly profound effect in my life. Join me in the flight of the Phoenix!


Publication Date
Jul 27, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Neptune Peniel



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