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1940 Olin Moyle Trial Transcript

1940 Olin Moyle Trial Transcript

ByNew York Supreme Court Kings County

FREE DOWNLOAD! Olin Moyle was an attorney from Wisconsin who had been a member of Pastor Russell's Bible Students since about the year 1910. In 1935 Olin Moyle sold his home and belongings and moved with his family from Wisconsin to Bethel in Brooklyn. There Mr. Moyle worked with the Watchtower's legal department, his wife Phoebe worked as a chambermaid in the Bethel home, and their son Peter worked in the cafeteria and later in the press room as a linotype operator. In 1939, after living at bethel for four years, Olin Moyle wrote a letter to J. F. Rutherford, president of the Watchtower, to complain about some of the excessive and inappropriate behavior he had witnessed from some members of the Bethel family, including Judge Rutherford himself. Rutherford retaliated with public denunciations of Olin Moyle and his family both verbally and in the pages of The WATCHTOWER, and in 1940 Olin Moyle sued the WATCHTOWR BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY and its officers for libel. These are the records of that trial.


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Jun 30, 2007
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): New York Supreme Court Kings County



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