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A Small Matter of Destiny

ByNicolas Ambrose

It is a time of Chaos. A time of famine and disease and war. Yet, even in the midst of such hopelessness, a simple peasant boy has glimpsed a future far different than the creeping pestilence outside his door. In strange dreams and waking visions, young Edmond has seen himself as both warrior and savior, fulfilling a great destiny in which he will ultimately deliver his people from Darkness to Light. Scoffed at by his own family and relentlessly pursued by those who would use his powers for evil, Edmond must find the courage to face unimaginable dangers as he and his friends embark on one of the greatest quests of all time! Join author Nicolas Ambrose as he leads us on an amazing journey across medieval Sicily, seeking answers to questions that have haunted mankind since the beginning of time: "What is my true purpose in life?" "How can I succeed where others fail?" "Is it possible to create my own Destiny?" Prepare yourself for a fascinating tale of yesterday, with a priceless message for today!


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nicolas Ambrose



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