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Mortem et Gloriam - An Introduction PDF

BySimon HallRichard Jeffrey-Cook

Mortem et Gloriam was launched in 2016 and has gathered a large body of support and players over the last 3 years - culminating in a fine World Championship played in 2019 with representatives from UK, France and the USA all competing for the title. This free title is an introduction to MEG, and gives you all the background to the game. Maximus (largest) is our big battle game. Armies typically have 10-20 “units” and 70-100 bases. It is played on a 6’x4’ table with 15mm, or a 9’x5’ table with 28mm figures. Magna (large) has been designed to allow our great looking 28mm figures to be used on a standard 6’x4’ or to play 15mm scale where it is played on a 4’x3’ table. Armies still have 10-20 “units”, and this is why the game is fundamentally the same, just with fewer bases per unit. An army will typically be 40-60 bases. Games play to a conclusion in about 2 hours. Pacto (compact) is our small game, but in no way feels small as it keeps all the main features of Maximus that players like. Armies still have 10-20 “units” - so again this is why it keeps the feel of the larger games. But it can be played with armies of just 20-30 bases, making it good for travel and easy to build. If you are someone who is starting tabletop wargaming for the first time, may I warmly welcome you to the hobby and a fantastic future of fun and camaraderie playing at being a general with your friends. Have fun!


Publication Date
Jan 5, 2023
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Original author: Simon Hall, By (author): Richard Jeffrey-Cook, By (author): Nik Gaukroger



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