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Send and Receive Bitcoin

ByNolan Luna Tejada

This is a course to learn how to send and receive Bitcoin from the safest and most reliable means on the Internet, and also locally in your Country. Sending and Receiving Bitcoin is a digital course that shows the user the basic resources in the process that requires a digital currency (Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum / Dash / Bitcoin Cash) through the Internet, mainly Bitcoin. As well as to generate income in digital currency. In addition to a variety of operations that can be carried out through the Internet related to digital currencies, mainly Bitcoin. With this online course the user learns to: _ Send and receive Bitcoin over the Internet. _ Know the safest and most reliable digital currency wallets on the Internet. _ Buy and sell Bitcoin over the Internet and locally in your Country. _ Request a payment in Bitcoin via Email. _ Invest (save) in Bitcoin through the Internet in secure means. _ Obtain other digital currencies (Litecoin / Ethereum / Dash / Bitcoin Cash). _ Exchange from one digital currency to another. _ Buy Bitcoin with local currency and in dollars. _ Withdraw Bitcoin for cash in dollar or local currency _ Add a Bitcoin currency payment format on the website and sell physical and digital products. _ Set up a button on the website that receives payments automatically Bitcoin Advantages and Benefits _ Single currency control (decentralized and unregulated). _ Safe buying and selling available on the Internet. _ Deposit and withdrawal of money in your locality. _ Safe investment through the Internet (saving in Bitcoin). _ Account protected by encrypted security. _ Add payment method on the website. _ Receive automated income via the Internet. Recommended The Send and Receive Bitcoin course is recommended for investors, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, store owners, business owners, programmers, artisans, visual artists, designers, merchants, sellers, website designers, designers of online store, and interested public.


Publication Date
Jun 3, 2020
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nolan Luna Tejada



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