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Confident, Sexy and Wildly Free

How to own your worth, ditch the self doubt and not give a f*ck what other people think of you

ByNora Wendel

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BECOME THE VERSION OF YOU, YOU ALWAYS DREAMT OF BEING. Are you ready to be that confident, sexy and wildly free woman who just lets loose on the dancefloor of life with the biggest smile on her face screaming "F YES, I GOT TO BE ME!" all the while basking in effortlessness, ease, grace, flow. and MF abundance? NODDING YOUR HEAD? THEN THIS BOOKS IS FOR YOU. I was that shy, fearful, anxiety ridden girl, ashamed to be a big bold passionate woman. It all started when I had a panic attack on the London Underground at age 24, it took 10 years of personal development to overcome the self doubt, fear, mistrust and self hate that ensued. This book is all the tools, practices, meditations and feel good tricks that I learnt and used to become the woman I always longed to be. What you'll learn in this book; • How to stop your screaming inner bully from constantly putting you down • How to love up your needy inner child so she stops throwing immature temper tantrums in your adult life • The tools and strategies to transform lack of self worth into you actually feeling like a radiant, magnetic and bomb ass woman • How to navigate your life towards pleasure so your life just gets better and better Yep. This is dive deep book into YOU. Ask yourself: Am I ready to become that confident, sexy and wildly free version of myself? And if the answer is've got the HOW right in your hand. XO Nora Nora is the leading worldwide expert teaching feminine magnetism, the art of being a confident sexy woman. She inspires millions of women to own their worth. Find out more about her on website of instagram. INSTAGRAM: norawendel


Publication Date
Feb 2, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Nora Wendel


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
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