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The Psychology of Money - Ebook

The Psychology of Money - Ebook

A Complete Ebook of Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed and Happiness.

ByNorton Michael

With a title like “The Psychology of Money,” you might expect the material within to be dense and heavy. However, the book is extremely approachable and digestible.If you really care about growing your net worth, investing and making important decisions in your life, I really recommend this book. It will transform what you think about money and life. Below are a few big ideas from the book. Enjoy! "Go out of your way to find humility when things are going right and forgiveness/compassion when they go wrong. Because it’s never as good or as bad as it looks. The world is big and complex. Luck and risk are both real and hard to identify. Do so when judging both yourself and others. Less ego, more wealth. Saving money is the gap between your ego and your income, and wealth is what you don’t see. So wealth is created by suppressing what you could buy today in order to have more stuff or more options in the future. No matter how much you earn, you will never build wealth unless you can put a lid on how much fun you can have with your money right now, today."


Publication Date
Jul 25, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Norton Michael



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