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Love in the heart

ByOhby Rich

Gloucestershire, English countryside - 1824. Getting married isn't everything in life. And if a bad name haunts you since you were a girl, better put your heart in peace immediately and live free to say and do what you want, without hoping for confetti. Thus Annabelle Bright arrived at the age of twenty-one, growing up carefree, impulsive, all too frank and apparently devoid of futile romantic dreams. Only a shadow is capable of clouding her sunny and positive temperament: the memory of an episode that "marked" her and that reappears, overbearing and resentful, with the return to the county of a certain person ... Lord Daniel Carlington he is no longer the boy he used to be and he knows how to hide well the tragedies that populated his life, as well as the heavy inheritance that weighs on his ancient and noble lineage. With a breathtaking smile and globetrotting charm, he looks like the portrait of the best and most exquisite British aristocracy. Yet ... Unconfessable secrets lie behind those emerald eyes, while his meeting with Annabelle will be the beginning of a series of complications that will lead him to clash with the mysterious, perfidious and dangerous Lord Salinger, putting their own lives at risk. And therefore, will hearts in love triumph over everything, even over a destiny that appears marked and ineluctable? - - - The author - - - The hidden side of has finally come out into the open. After a long trail of disturbing facts, supernatural presences and murdered deaths, it was really time to write more. Something fun, sweet, deeply romantic. And to throw yourself headlong into the adventurous and throbbing search for a real happy ending. Could it have been a good idea? It will be up to you to decide… Happy reading!


Publication Date
Feb 21, 2022
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By (author): Ohby Rich



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