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Dream Aspire Achieve: Beyond Limits

Dream Aspire Achieve: Beyond Limits

Your Personal Development Guide

ByOkike Offia

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In Dream, Aspire, Achieve: Beyond Limits, Okike Offia distills his extensive experience into powerful real-life stories, illustrating fundamental personal growth and development principles. The book seamlessly weaves spiritual and personal growth, inviting readers to transcend their boundaries and embark on a transformative journey; the insights are grounded in practical wisdom and personal experience, making the message relatable and impactful. The seven chapters of the book are structured around the various seasons of life and offer a holistic approach to personal growth covering spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social dimensions. It guides readers through self-awareness to understand their strengths, passions, talents, and purpose, empowering them for transformation in pursuit of their goals. The book provides a road map for mentors, mentees, and individuals seeking personal development and serves as a valuable resource, offering guidance on resilience, determination, and finishing life’s journey strong. Through thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, readers are encouraged to reflect and apply lessons learned through personal introspection or engaging with a support group or life coach. Okike Offia’s book is a unique personal development manual that will become your trusted companion throughout your life’s journey – from early teens to late adulthood.


Publication Date
Mar 28, 2024
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Okike Offia


Perfect Bound
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Novella (5 x 8 in / 127 x 203 mm)

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