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You are better than your wounds, move on

Life is not fair without mistakes

ByOlabisi Alonge

Thank you for your interest in this book “You’re Better Than Your Wounds”. It’s such an interesting book that reconciles us back with our true self covered by pains and regrets. Well, Life is a fight. It throws us in the field of conflicts at different times because we function by relationship. By conflicts I mean life makes us demand for what we want among competing interests. This is what makes life a fight. And as we live, we meet these competing interests in form of relationships at work, home, church, market places and elsewhere. Going through these competing interests we suffer personal wounds many times. I mean we are one way or the other hurt relating with people. And many are cut down by psychological and emotional pains from unresolved wounds, abuses, and afflictions not knowing how to move on. “You’re Better than Your Wound” teaches you how to step forward and take back your life from the prisoner called WOUND. Emotional wounds are like arrows piercing ones heart, pinned it down in the lost world of emotional conflicts. Every minute you spend reading this book will not be in vain. You will learn how to move on. I do hope you make the best use of everything this book is offering.


Publication Date
Mar 1, 2022
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Olabisi Alonge



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