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YUN-EVE, In the Garden of Eden

YUN-EVE, In the Garden of Eden

ByOlivia Ashley

THIS TRUTHFUL and THERAPEUTIC story reflects new insights for women IN SEARCH OF LOVE. Dated 2218 B.C., and set in Babylonia (believed to have been the biblical Garden of Eden), this story reveals the SEVEN LOVE SECRETS that prevail over time and evil. PRINCESS YUN-EVE, twin daughter of the king of Agade, is trapped between the demand of the gods to their service and the voice of her heart. In pain she pursues the fleeting dream that makes her a woman and discovers those SEVEN LOVE SECRETS entrusted to the first woman in the Garden of Eden that pour from her throat in the lyrics of Inanna, goddess of love, to win the heart of a priest who becomes king of Assyria. "…a powerful,intricately woven story, highly informative…a great deal of passion, and it comes from your heart. You write in a most distinctive fashion."—Scott Michel, novelist and playwrite. "…a good story with a likeable heroine."—Authorlink. "This is one book I wanted to finish. You have a great book here."—Writer's Digest.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Olivia Ashley



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