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Silent Muzic for Dreamers

Byolufemi osokoya

(For the Hero in us all) .. You can’t MAKE yourself into something powerful, you’ve got to let yourself be that. Making requires you to force and bend into unnatural and unsustainable shapes. Letting acknowledges that you already are, but sometimes forget, pretend or play small. It's in the actioning of who your true great self has chosen to be that your decision comes alive. The moment by moment movements that are consistent with what you've chosen to believe that your decision becomes flesh and walks among us! 'Silent Muzic for Dreamers' is a passionate cry to that bold and audacious spirit who dares to ignite the wonderful essence of their precious dreams. Your Faith, Fear and ‘Black Box’ will be forever transformed as this incredible offering takes you to the place where Dreams come from and brings you back with the power, presence and majesty to make them come true… Rejoice, as The Dream Maker ‘Stretches the borders of the limits that define your name!’


Publication Date
Apr 11, 2009
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): olufemi osokoya



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