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Reason Renewed, Reason Restored

Reason Renewed, Reason Restored

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ByOmar Alansari-Kreger

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This work offers an anthology of editorial essays written over a 5-year period beginning in 2016. The hope was to capture big picture solutions for lopsided realities. It is found half-truths are informed by an incomplete view of reality prejudiced by super-philosophies due to sheltered naivety. We form our value systems of the world when familiarizing ourselves with the way things are in hopes of realizing a world that ought to be. It can therefore be argued the world's 7 great wonders were originated by "civilizational architects" motivated by great visions for the future knowing full well they would not live to witness the fruits of their work. The expanse of such legacies turned existential realities scoffs at the mundane & everyday mediocrity. Man cannot fathom a reality deprived of instant gratification from his labored efforts, intellectual or otherwise. It is therefore little wonder why we remain abundantly shortsighted in our thinking. Yet, man in his most primeval form cannot fathom nothingness. This work explores current events, humanities, philosophy of scientific affairs, & scholarly curiosities where existential reason explores pathos for logic-based ethos in hopes of inspiring a more civilized tomorrow one column turned editorial at a time.


Publication Date
Aug 19, 2022
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Omar Alansari-Kreger


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