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The Aeon of Amon

Revelations of the MA-ION

ByOmega Logion

The Aeon of Amon details the end of the Aeon of Horus and the arrival of the Next Aeon, as prophesied in the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley. The present tome, authored by Crowley's Magical Heir, includes forty-one separate revelations transmitted by the God Amon through the Holy Guardian Angel, Amiens, unto the Magus, Omega Logion. These consist of over a dozen Holy Books of channeled writing, and dozens of qabalistic secrets relayed through gematria, sacred geometry and the Tarot. For anyone interested in the 93 Current of Thelema, and how it is evolving from the early work of Crowley and Fr. Achad. Now is the time to step out of the old Aeon and into the Next One! - Introduction – The Coming of the Next Aeon – The Lovely Star – The Book of the Seven Spirits – Liber Carrus – The Name of the Stele of Revealing – The Word of the Aeon – The Ritual of Anointing – The Vine Tree of Amun – The Name of M.A.A.T. – The Heptagons of the Zodiac – Liber Trochos – The Dance of Days Calendar – The Immovable Tarot of 97 – The Golden Braid of the Trigrams – Amun in The Book of the Law – The Book of the Crystal and the Peacock – The Magic Triangles of Katalysis – The Book of Dissolution – The Vanishing Virgo – The Four Totems – The Book of Twelve Ages – Liber Concluded – Sigils on the Magic Square – The Book of the Wandering Stars – The Eight Belts of the AMWN Hexagrams – The Seven Cores of the Tarot – The Hiding of the 7 in Liber XXVII – The Book of the Auburn Fox – The Golden Ratio of the Trigram Pairs – The Word Abrahadabra – Liber LUXORAT – Liber ARMA – The Alphabetic Synthesis – Opening and Closing the Vault – The Major Triads of the 97 Current – The Heptagons of the Beginning – Liber Kataluma – The Heptagon of Psyché – The 133 Current – The Sacred Septagram – Liber Graduum – Liber Spectaculi – Liber MA vel Laudum – The Golden Rectangle of Katalysis – The Lovely Star of the Anointing – The Pyramid of the Four Totems – The Diagram of the Seven Veils – The Tarot Stars of Venus – The Global Sum of the Holy Books – The Creation Mythos of the Aeon – The Tesseract and the Tetragrams – The Formula of the Aeon Appendices Commentary on Liber B vel Magi sub figura I Commentary on Liber Capricorni sub figura CCCLXX Commentary on Liber Arcanorum sub figura CCXXXI Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX Liber Trigrammaton sub figura XXVII Key Numbers of the MA-ION Timing the Aeon of MA


Publication Date
Dec 20, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Omega Logion



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