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Letters from The L.O.M. & Songs from The Women of The L.O.M.

ByOtradom PeloGo

The Songs of The women of the L.O.M. are short stories of women otradom Pelogo befriends (which only a few are on the front cover, including two of his sisters) from America to the other side of the Atlantic. Women from America, South America, the Caribbean, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, UAE, Ghana, Tanzania, Russia, Chechnya, Armenia, France Germany, Holland, China, Taiwan, etc., while working and traveling overseas in postwar Iraq. It interweaves timely short stories and poems of the relationships of the different peoples from the different countries which he travels to ovber a two year period. He gives a cordial view from the streets of postwar Iraq while in the midst of stabilizing a government, infrastructure and economy; documented in the chapter titled The Iraqi People. Also while in the epitome of globalization and foreign trade while visiting Dubai in the U.A.E., he pieces together in epic form and romantically share his adventures throughout the Middle East, Europe and back to America.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Otradom PeloGo



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