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Medico-Political Treatise

ByP. S. Remesh Chandran

Governments’ banning the private practice of doctors has a history of 50 years, exactly as old as the abandonment of health and welfare of people by them. Wherever there are uneducated politicians and jealous bureaucrats, they share this common animosity and jealousy towards doctors. Bureaucrats retire at an age and politicians stop when party men stop following them. This hatred and jealousy stems from the right of doctors to practice medicine till the end of their days. We can understand a doctor punished for not looking patients but how can we not understand the madness in punishing him for looking patients? That is what is going on in the world. Doctors who look patients at homes in their spare time are raided, suspended or dismissed by politicians and bureaucrats, on the hope that there won’t be anyone left to look patients in government hospitals and all will go to costly private hospitals run by these politicians’ and bureaucrats’ sons and daughters and sons-in-law. When this madness continues in the largest democracy of the world that is India and millions of people who have no other place than free government hospitals to go are left uncared for and dying, world’s nations’ conscience is not turned to responding to this injustice. For decades we have been seeing fellow human beings going to hospitals, spending the last of their earnings and borrowings and still dying. A mankind with no disease is everyone's dream, which is our thought. But before long, we learn that everyone in the world does not share the same feeling. Not a few want diseases to be there and to spread- a pitiful kind of human sect. Even though these make money, millions of others loose their lives for it. The persons who would very much wish to speak about these injustices in health administration are the doctors and their poor patients. The first unfortunately do not have time or a history of protesting. The second do not know how to react or have the time of rest to do it. I am one among them and their advocate, you can guess whose. I am but the medium through which the dead and the living dead speak. I stole every sentence, word and phrase in this book from their very lips. Today or tomorrow the world will have to listen.


Publication Date
May 29, 2022
Social Science
Some Rights Reserved - Creative Commons (CC BY)
By (author): P. S. Remesh Chandran



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