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Trainee Plastic Surgeon Dismembers Parents: Joel Michael Guy Junior

ByPamela Lillian Valemont

For some unknown reason, nobody in the immediate family deciphered that Joel Guy Jnr was out of his tree, had had a complete mental breakdown of sorts, and was seriously deranged. They knew he had taken leave of absence from the long grind of 9 years of study, from which he hoped one day to emerge a fully qualified plastic surgeon. To all who watched the trial, it was obvious that Guy Jnr was not functioning normally. He had taken leave of absence from sanity. He was definitely one Iced Vo Vo short of the pack as we say here in Australia. His biological parents cut off his financial support, blithely sold the family home and plotted their retirement far away from Guy in Tennessee. Guy responded by plotting their demise. The parricide was merciless, ruthless, gory and bloody. It left first responders and all who worked on the case, traumatized. It also left Joel Snr's three daughters from a previous marriage heartbroken and devastated. They also mourned the loss of Lisa, their stepmother, who they had grown to love and admire from childhood. This is a forensic numerological criminal profile and analysis of the perpetrator and his parental victims.


Publication Date
Jan 28, 2022
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By (author): Pamela Lillian Valemont



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