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Little, Bad, Princesses... Catfight to the Death!

Catfight to the Death!

ByPandora Catfight

Explicit Content
Little, Bad, Princesses ... Catfight to the Death! What could be more beautiful than seeing two sweet little princesses struggling to get hold of precious jewels? Yes yes we love princesses, and we love to see them fight! Welcome back girls and boys to the fabulous world of PandoraCatfight! They are Small, spoiled and aggressive. The noble families of these two beautiful girls are now in ruins ... Did they spend all their fortune spoiling their princesses? .... Princess Aurora and Princess Zuri fight for their glory but above all to win a precious prize that would allow them and their families to return to the good life of rich nobles. The Mighty Witch Pandora is giving away a precious treasure of inestimable value to the winner! Seeing two beautiful young princesses fighting is priceless! Only one of the two will get the precious prize! Only one of the two at the end of the fight will still wear her crown and will still be a beautiful and noble princess! What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite princess and start cheering on her! The fight is about to begin! 25 Pages of Comics with History! 22 Pages of Extra Content! 9 Pages of Mosaics with Details! For a total of 78 Pages! Nudity, milk, violence and extreme action, only for adult!


Publication Date
May 26, 2022
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Pandora Catfight



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