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Masks of Sanity: The Monster Within

Masks of Sanity: The Monster Within

Stories of Secret Psychopaths

ByParth Sarathi Chakraborty

Wicked Shadow Press welcomes you to the deceptive world within the pages of "Masks of Sanity," a double-barreled anthology curated by the master compiler of dark stories, Parth Sarathi Chakraborty. Within these pages, the lines between sanity and madness blur in the most unexpected ways. This collection brings together a diverse array of stories from veteran and emerging authors across the world, as they peer into the minds of secret psychopaths and the unsuspecting victims entangled in their webs of insanity. From the dark corners of ordinary lives to the bright lights where shadows lurk, these tales offer an array of gripping explorations, both of depravity as well as the relentless quest for survival. Witness dark characters who camouflage their true selves with a mask of normalcy to navigate through society, and others who are forced to adopt a facade as their only refuge against a cruel world. Can you see through the masks that people wear, before it's too late? Join us on this thrilling journey into the heart of human darkness. "Masks of Sanity" comes in two volumes. AUTHORS FEATURED IN Masks of Sanity: The Monster Within: Albert N. Katz, Anna McHugh, AudraKate Gonzalez, Billy Stanton, C. S. Dines, Callum Henderson, Cathy LaForge Tonkin, David Oliver Kling, Dennis Piszkiewicz, Diana Davison, Diane W. E. Lebari, Fariel Shafee, Himanshu Kumar, Ian Gielen, Jim Murdoch, John Barackman, John Di Donna, Julie Brandon, Ken Foxe, Lance Manion, LaVern Spencer McCarthy, Lawrence Dagstine, Namrael Drawde, Nathan Baker, Nelly Shulman, Nick Young, Norbert Góra, P. F. Grazioli, RC Burns, Robert Pope, Ryan Priest, Steve Wade, Val Roberts


Publication Date
May 24, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Parth Sarathi Chakraborty



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