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The Flash of Fangs

Anthology of Vampire Flash Fictions

ByParth Sarathi Chakraborty

50 stories - 233 pages Grab this specially illustrated paperback featuring 50 terrifying vampire flash fictions from Wicked Shadow Press. The craft of building up horror and communicating the dread effectively in a limited span of words is an artform that poses quite the challenge to an artist of the written word. The authors of this book have lived up to the task with electrifying elan within these pages and Wicked Shadow Press is proud to present its first anthology of vampire flash fictions: THE FLASH OF FANGS Authors featured in this anthology are: Del Gibson, JP Relph, Darci Meadows, Dibyasree Nandy, Michelle Ann King, Benjamin Kardos, Val Roberts, Arthur Chappell, Janet Barker, Kevin Novalina, Aspen Duscha, Gregg Chamberlain, Larry D. Thacker, Colonel Arun Hariharan, Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, Wiebo Grobler, Helen E. Patterson, P.F. Grazioli, J. Rocky Colavito, Robb White, Sean Murphy, LJ Jacobs, Christopher Hivner, Ed Ahern, Chris Morris, Derek Heath, Garry Engkent, Fernando Silva, Angela Patera, Tim Keller, David Turnbull, Dawn DeBraal, P.I. Barrington, Kevin Patrick McCann, Marcus E.T., Toshiya Kamei, Sheri White, Jacek Wilkos, Martin Eastland, C.S. Dines, CB Arnold, Jonah Jones, Keith Hoerner, Shea Herlihy-Abba, Eric Andrews-Katz, Rob D. Smith, J. Iner Souster, LaVern Spencer McCarthy


Publication Date
Apr 11, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Parth Sarathi Chakraborty



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