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The Sacred Four:  Book One of The Sacred Four Series

The Sacred Four: Book One of The Sacred Four Series

Prelude Duology to The Alchemic Kingdom Series

ByPatricia M Muhammad

Four Kingdoms exist in a world unknown. Special Powers imbued certain inhabitants of each of the lands with special gifts. They are the chosen. Rumour has circulated that a prophesied enemy will soon appear. A young Vaeran woman is voted from among her people to lead them to prepare. A distinguished and capable master attempts to take her hand for himself. She resists. The heavens steal her away with two other Vaerans. Dasarēan follows the instructions and is allowed to reach for his destined bonded mate. Dasarēan arrives through the element looking glass with a guardian leaf from one of the sacred trees of their world. Dasarēan convinces her of who he is to her. Yuestasīa still questions him. He explains his mistake. Yīalans begin their training with land and stone, conjuring and engaging in combat. Powers beyond the known heavens declare Yuestasīa and Dasarēan wed. The elements of their world accompany them throughout their trek. Prince Dasarēan hopes to guide Yuestasīa of her own gifts. They meet with the four elements of the expanse, including a particularly shy but powerful one they refer to as Fireball. Yuestasīa believes that the enemy which threatens their world is nearer to her and Dasarēan . She tries to remember. Dasarēan already knows. They both engage Augeen and Atharīa in combat. Yuestasīa and Dasarēan continue to train. The enlarged leaf from one of the sacred trees of their world watches over them and befriends elements from this expanse and from below of their world. Augeen and Atharīa arrive in the center of the colesseum. Atharīa reveals herself to be their enemy. She attacks the chosen of these two kingdoms. Prince Dasarēan and Yuestasīa arrive and take the lead. The Yīalan four are able to subdue her while the Vaeran master holds sword watered and Yuestasīa holds sword flamed at the center of her forehead. It is revealed that Atharīa was Yuestasīa's mother who only sought to slaughter the other chosen to secure her access to the guided one's power. Will she meet her rightful fate and will those of the Sacred Four be able to defeat their other enemies?


Publication Date
Jan 31, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Patricia M Muhammad



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