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ByPatrick Andrews

‘Seafarers young and old, intertwined and owned, for all eternity, by the killer sea’ Killer Sea is the story of a young diver with a death wish who journeys through the South East Asian oil fields, finding a harsh and hostile world of survival and endurance amid a cast of cutthroat bastards and glorious sinners. It’s also a journey of self-discovery, a young man finding his real place in the world. It’s all here, the secrets of off-shore oil drilling in South East Asia revealed: prostitution and drug dealing; oil company corruption and cover ups; back stabbing and murder; typhoons and shipwrecks; and last – but far from least – the danger of deep-sea diving. A thoroughly enjoyable read ... I like the voice established, and I think it's likely to engage readers. Among the greatest strengths of the narrative voice, and a crucial aspect of maintaining it, is a straightness, honesty, and down-to-earth quality. Part of the 'straightness' of the voice is an implicit (and, given the events narrated, actual) wealth of experience that conduces to a slightly disenchanted, clear perspective on all manner of events, horrific and otherwise. In light of the characteristics of the narrative, and the extremity of the events narrated, a simple, literal description conveys the intensity of these moments. I found the main character, Andrew, sympathetic - the register of the story is about survival, endurance, and getting through in a callous and cut-throat world, in which case a certain hardness and callousness of character is necessary. Which is not to say that there are no instances of community or friendship in the novel; there obviously are, but the broader context in which they occur is a harsh and hostile one. Andrew and the other central characters are sufficiently sympathetic to engage the reader and keep them engaged. - First Editing: Editorial Review (abridged) Have just finished reading "Killer Sea". A very enjoyable book that was hard to put down. A gripping tale about deep sea diving with no holds barred. - Unknown This was a gripping story that sucks you in. Very descriptive narrative of the horrific work conditions for divers in Asian countries. Stark chilling reality ...The characters came to life on the page. The evil characters pushed the boundaries beyond anything I could even begin to imagine. There was evil lurking beneath the depths of every page - Sarah I've just finished reading "Killer Sea". What a great story, loved it. Ka Pai. - Oni


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
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By (author): Patrick Andrews



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